Dennis Polisky & Maestro's Men
"Grammy Nominated, Polka Hall of Fame, Award Winning Band"

Grammy Nominated CD - "Strike Up The Band" 2003

Polka Hall Of Fame Inductee - Dennis Polisky 2007

Polka Hall Of Fame Inductee - Jackie Libera 2003

Best CD Award International Polka Association - "Don't Stop The Music" 

Best CD Award International Polka Association - "Decade"  

Favorite Instrumental Group Award IPA -2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002 

Meet The Band


Dennis Polisky


    Leader - Clarinet & Sax

    Dennis grew up in a musical family.  He learned clarinet and sax at the age of nine from his dad Ray Polisky.  Self taught on accordion, bass, arranging music and theory. Grandfather Charles Polisky performed with the original Kryger Band of Pennsylvania and Paul Whitman's Big band.  Before starting the Maestro's Men Dennis performed for 8 years with Ray Henry.  He also performed and subbed with many bands including: Walt Solek, Gene Wisniewski, Stan Przasnyski, John Przasnyski (Connecticut Twins), Jimmy Sturr, Johnny Dyno, Walt Dolecki, John Prytko, Polka Family, TKO, Bright Sound Express, Dick Pillar, Diamond Bells, John Demerski, John Jeski, Joe Terry, Joe Rogers, Menko Band, Walt Procanyn, Tom Deguzis, Eddie Skinger, Patti & The Guys, Rich Bobinski, Stan Scott, Polka Naturals, Ed Valenta, Joe Pasieka, Sound a Bouts, Ed Zavaski, Irene Olszewski, Ed Zolkiewicz.

    Polka Hall Of Fame 2007


    • Maestro's Men - "Decade Two"
    • Maestro's Men - "Enjoy The Little Things"
    • Maestro's Men - "Don't Stop The Music"
    • Maestro's Men - "Decade"
    • Maestro's Men - "It's All About The Music"
    • Maestro's Men - "Strike Up The Band"
    • Maestro's Men - "Music Maestros Please"
    • Maestro's Men - "Once More...From The Top"
    • Maestro's Men - "Out Of The Blue"
    • Maestro's Men - "Polkas For A Christmas Season 2"
    • Maestro's Men - "Polkas For A Christmas Season 3"
    • Ray Henry - "Wicked Good Polkas"
    • Ray Henry - "Unforgettable Hits"
    • Ray Henry - "50 Years & Better"
    • Jimmy Sturr - "Polka Your Troubles Away"
    • Jimmy Sturr - "Saturday Night Polka"
    • Jimmy Sturr - "Polka All Night Long"
    • Jimmy Sturr - "Sturr It Up"
    • Jimmy Sturr - "When It's Polka Time At Your House"
    • Jimmy Sturr - "I Love To Polka"
    • Jimmy Sturr - "All In My Love For You"
    • John Jeski - "Powerful Polkas"
    • John Jeski - "Polkas For The Best Of Times"
    • John Jeski - "Ageless Polkas"
    • John Przasynski - "Plays Hits Of The CT Twins"
    • Stan Przasnyski - "Polish Picnic"
    • Menko Band - "Live From The University Of Hartford"
    • John Demerski - "Play Me A Polka" (45 rpm)



    Jackie Libera



    Vocals, Piano, Bass

    Jackie began his polka music career at the ripe old age of five in 1960 when he joined his father, Polka Hall of Famer John Libera, at the microphone of his Dad's polka radio program.  Soon after, Jackie was given his own show, "Saturday Polka Picnic" which he hosted over WESO in Southbridge, MA.  The Show ran from 5:30-6:00 on Saturday afternoons and lasted two seasons.  Jackie was featured in an article in the March 1961 issue of Radio TV Mirror magazine.  The story, written by Alvhild V. Holmes of Oxford, MA was titled " The World's Youngest Deejay".  Jackie also appeared as the youngest polka disc jockey at the IPA Polka Convention in 1963 in Chicago.

    As Jackie grew to a teenager, it quickly became apparent that his genuine love for music accompanied by a pure and natural talent.  While attending school, he studied clarinet with Mitchell Szdlik and Anthony Zieminski.  He graducated from Southbridge High School in Southbridge, MA in 1973 as a member of the National Honor Society.  He was also a member of the Central District Band as the Principle Clarinetist from 1971-1973 and the MA All-State Band in 1973.  It was in 1973 that Jackie became a member of his first polka band, The Dick Pillar Orchestra.  He played with Dick's group until 1977 and recorded two albums on Stelljo Records as a member of the group and played on a couple of later records done by the Dick Pillar Orch.  During the time he was playing with Pillar on the weekends, he was also busy earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree in music from Westifield State College in Westifield, MA in 1977.  He was the Principle Clarinetist in the college's Wind Symphony for three years.  He studied clarinet with Kenneth Legace and Peter Demos.

    Later in 1977, Jackie became a member of the popular "Heavy Chicago" where he stayed until 1982.  "Polkas, Hot and Heavy" was recorded in 1977 with Heavy Chicago, followed up in 1980 with "Heavy Chicago V".  In 1982, Jackie joined three other local musicians to form the very big sounding "Bay State IV".  Jackie stayed with this crowd-pleasing group for nine years and recorded four albums with the group on Polka Train Records.  Jackie had the honor of appearing with the Bay State IV at the 1988 American Folk life Festival sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute and held in Washington, D.C.  This annual event is held on the Washington Mall and is attended by approximately one million people in a two week period.  The Bay State IV was honored to be among the many artisans and musicians representing the state of MA along with representatives from the former Soviet Union.

    It was later in 1991 that Jackie Libera took the stage as the leader of his own band.  Jackie Libera and the Classix.  Their big, full sound topped with Jackie's tremendous vocals quickly made them a very popular group on the polka circuit.  Their recording, "CLASSIX OF 93" was recorded in 1993 on Sunshine Records and featured two originals written by Jackie.  It was also in 1993 that Jackie received his Master of Education Degree from Fitchburg State Collage in Fitchburg, MA with a concentration in Education Leadership and Administration.  The group disbanded in 1994.

    In 1996, Jackie joined the Maestro's Men where he continues to perform today.  Wth the Maestro's Men, Jackie is featured on piano and bass and takes the lead vocals.  They have made numerous records to date with more originals by Jackie included.  With every other group he was part of, Jackie was featured on trumpet, clarinet, saxophone and vocals.

    Aside from Jackie's promotion of polka music as a performing musician, he was heard for years with his own polka radio shows.  He had been on the air at WESO 970 AM in Southbride, MA on Sundays from 9-9:30 AM. 

    Jackie shares his love and knowledge for and of music with others on the weekends also as a beloved music teacher and band director.  From 1982-1991, he taught Instrumental Music for grades 9-12 at Southbridge, MA.  In 1991, he moved on to the town of Grafton, Massachusetts where he taught Instrumental Music for grades 4-12 at Grafton High School, Grafton Middle School and Grafton Intermediate School.  From 1994 to the present, he has enjoyed teaching general music and instrumental music for grades 6 and 7 at Oxford Middle School in Oxford, MA.

    His proud parents, John and Stasia Libera instilled his love for music and polka music in particular at a very yound age and continue to encourage Jackie today along with his lovely wife, Linda.  You can often catch their daughter, Jenna, doing a Polish vocal or two and dancing to her father's music.  Anther generation to be raised with polka music.           

    Before the Maestro's Men, Jackie has appeared at one time or another with the Polka Family, The New Brass, Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatoes, Jimmy Sturr, Lenny Gomulka and the Chicago Push, Ray Jay and the Carousels, the Dynatones, The Sounds, The Brass Connection, Marion Lush, Ray Henry, Eddie Forman, Freedie K, John Gora and Gorale, Happy Richie, Jersey Polka Richie, Li'l Wally, The Dynasticks, Henny and the Versa J's and others.  Libera was also the musical arranger and orchestra director for the Lenny Gomulka Christmas Shows and a proud member of the Polish Carolers.

    Polka Hall Of Fame 2003


    • Maestro's Men - "Decade Two"
    • Maestro's Men - "Enjoy The Little Things"
    • Maestro's Men - "Don't Stop The Music"
    • Maestro's Men - "Decade"
    • Maestro's Men - "It's All About The Music"
    • Maestro's Men - "Strike Up The Band"
    • Maestro's Men - "Music Maestros Please"
    • Maestro's Men - "Once More...From The Top"
    • Maestro's Men - "Out Of The Blue"
    • Maestro's Men - "Polkas For A Christmas Season 2"
    • Maestro's Men - "Polkas For A Christmas Season 3
    • Jackie Libera & The Classix - "CLASSix Of 93"
    • Dick Pillar - "Polkabration Tour"
    • Dick Pillar - "Polka Hall Of Fame"
    • Dick Pillar - "In Polka Unity"
    • Dick Pillar - "Polkabrate"
    • Heavy Chicago - "Polkas Hot & Heavy"
    • Heavy Chicago - "Heavy Chicago V"
    • Baystate IV - "Our First One"
    • Baystate IV - "Salute To The Stars"
    • Baystate IV - "Polka Treasures"
    • Baystate IV - "Who Could Ask For Anything More"



    Ken Yash



    Drums, Vocals

    Ken credits his parents for first getting him involved in Polka music.  His dad had a radio Polka program for many years and his parents ran many Polka dances and weekends, so Ken was always around Polka music in his young years.

    Ken took an interest in the drums at a young age and began taking drum lessons in grammer school and played in the grammer and high school bands.  Ken played his first job when he was 15 and has been playing Polka music ever since.

    Before The Maestro's Men, Ken was a member of Jackie Libera's Classix.  Prior to the Classix, Ken spent four years as a member of the Polka Family band and performed on there three grammy nominated recordings.  Ken was also a member of the Brass Works.  In addtion, Ken has had the pleasure of being able to perform with Eddie Forman Orchestra, Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push, The Boys from Baltimore, Bruno Mikos, the Ampol-Aires, Ray Jay & the Carousels, Happy Louie & Julcia, Joe Pasieka, Bud Hundenski & the Corsairs, the Brass Dimension and others.


    • Maestro's Men - "Decade Two"
    • Maestro's Men - "Enjoy The Little Things"
    • Maestro's Men - "Don't Stop The Music"
    • Maestro's Men - "Decade"
    • Maestro's Men - "It's All About The Music"
    • Maestro's Men - "Strike Up The Band"
    • Maestro's Men - "Music Maestros Please"
    • Maestro's Men - "Once More...From The Top"
    • Maestro's Men - "Polkas For A Christmas Season 2"
    • Maestro's Men - "Polkas For A Christmas Season 3
    • Polka Family - "Fiddle Faddle"
    • Polka Family - "We Are Family"
    • Polka Family - "Polka Music Fan"
    • Eddie Forman - "Bride & Groom"
    • Rich Bobinski - "Playing WIth My Band"


    Rich Bernier


    Accordion, Vocals

    Rich born and raised in Norwich Connecticut, Rich fell in love with the accordion after attending numerous Polish functions with his parents Walter and Sylvia Bernier.  At the age of 9 he started playing the accordion.  Since then he and the instrument shared a musical career together that took them from the small New England town to performances at venues throughout the United States.  His early training on the accordion, coupled with his fascination of polka music, gave him the drive and inspiration to someday perform among the best of the best in his genre. 

    Rich’s performing career began in 1966, at the age of 13.  In 1970, Rich was approached by promoter and bandleader Dick Pillar who asked if he would be interested in joining The Dick Pillar Band.  In 1973, Rich took advantage of a new opportunity to join the “New Brass” and they showcased the talents of Rich and his accordion in a way that benchmarked his style of playing.  In 1976, he started another band and named it the “Sounds of Chicago”.  In 1978, Rich returned to the New Brass and remained part of the band for another five years.  In 1983, Rich joined the ever popular Happy Louie Band where he performed with them over the next ten years.  Starting in 1993, Rich began to freelance with many bands such as the Polka Country Musicians, Ed Skinger, Rich Bobinski, Swinging Brass, Marion Lush, Baystate 4, Polka Family, The Classix, Beer Hall Boys, The Happy Travelers, Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push, New Brass Reunion Band, Myron Florin, Accordion a Go-Go, Stas Golonka, Mass Brass and America’s Polka Sweetheart “Stephanie”. Then in 2001, Rich became a permanent member of the Maestro’s Men and continues with the band to this day.  In 2016, Rich had the privilege to be in the movie “The Polka King” with actor Jack Black which was released in 2018. 

    Rich has contributed his time and talents to many charitable organizations, including the Lisa Biskup Foundation, performing with the Polish American Carolers at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home, various Alzheimer’s facilities and nursing homes and religious organizations.  He has conducted music clinics, playing and educating people of Polish heritage.  On 9/1/18 Rich received the Leon Kozicki award from the International Polka Association for his 50 years of contributions to the Polka field. 


    • Maestro's Men - "Decade Two"
    • Maestro's Men - "Enjoy The Little Things"
    • Maestro's Men - "Don't Stop The Music"
    • Maestro's Men - "Decade"
    • Maestro's Men - "It's All About The Music"
    • Maestro's Men - "Strike Up The Band"
    • Maestro's Men - "Music Maestros Please"
    • Maestro's Men - "Polkas For A Christmas Season 2"
    • Maestro's Men - "Polkas For A Christmas



    Jim Motyka


    Trumpet, Vocals

    Jim started playing the clarinet at the age of 8 under the tutelage of the late Tony Zieminski.  He then went on the saxophone and then the trumpet with Happy Louie.  Jim also dabbles a bit in concertina, although it is a devil of an instrument.  He has been playing in Polka bands for more than 25 years and still enjoys playing and seeing the country.  His love for the music is something that will never end.

    Before playing with the Maestro's Men, Jim started with the Village Traveler's, The Instrumentals, the Bay State IV and Jackie Libera's Classix.  He toured Poland with Happy Louie, performed with the Polka Country Musicians, Ray Mitus, The New England All-Stars, Marion Lush, Little Wally, The New Brass, Heavy Chicago and Lenny Gomulka's Chicago Push.


    • Maestro's Men - "Decade Two"
    • Maestro's Men - "Enjoy The Little Things"
    • Maestro's Men - "Don't Stop The Music"
    • Bay State IV - "Polka Treasures"
    • Bay State IV - "Salutes The Polka Stars"
    • Bay State IV - "Who Could Ask For Anything More"
    • Jackie Libera's Classix - "Class of 93"
    • Instrumentals - "Polka Crazy"



    Kevin Krauth


    Trumpet, Vocals

    "I guess you can say that Polka Music found me.  It was the mid 70's, and my mom would take us to Waterford Beach, which bordered Ocean Beach Park, New London, CT.  One week there was loud music hurricaning in from across the parking lot.  I'm sure mom knew what Polkabration was, but I was five years old.  "Can we please go swimming now?"  Fourteen years later, the first polka band I joined was Dick Pillar.  What?  That's right, and I knew nothing, but I sure learned a lot.  And it all began with Dick Pillar in 1988".

    Bands Performed With:

    • East Side Groove (now Beer Hall Boys)
      Frankie Joe Daigle and the Swamp Rats
      Joe Pasieka
      Marty Swiatek & RBO
      Patti & The Guys
      Dick Pillar 1988 - 1991
      Swinging Brass
      Touch of Chicago
      Jimmy Sturr 2006 - 2017


    • Dick Pillar - Polkabration Fun
      Dick Pillar - Polkabrate
      East Side Grove - Fermented
      Frankie Joe Daigle and The Swamp Rats - Hot & Spicy
      Marty Swiatek & RBO - The Legacy Continues
      Touch of Chicago - Yee-Haw!
      Touch of Chicago - The Final Touch
      Jimmy Sturr - Polka In Paradise
      Jimmy Sturr - Come Share The Wine
      Jimmy Sturr - Let The Whole World Sing
      Jimmy Sturr - Polka Cola
      Jimmy Sturr - Not Just Another Polka
      Jimmy Sturr - Polka Is My Life
      Jimmy Sturr - Forget Me Never
      Jimmy Sturr - Sturr Struck
      Jimmy Sturr - Gonna Be Good Times

    "There are plenty of other bands I've filled in with, and I'd like to thank them for the experience.  And with all the musicians that influenced me (you know who you are..Dammit!), I learned more than anything I ever did at the Hartt School of Music.  Now I'm totally psyched to be playing and enjoying it with this group of cool cats.  Hopefully when it all ends, I will be drinking a beer, playing 'Girls in Every Town', and just drop.  Thank you Mom and Dad, I miss you dearly".


    Bob Siwicki


    Trumpet, Flugle Horn, Vocals

    Bob comes from a family of musicians. His Dad, the Late Eddie Siwicki was a fine accordionist, and was the leader of the “Golden Bells Orchestra for over 20 years, in addition to performing with many other bands. Bob's cousin Ted Nowak, is a great accordionist, & vocalist, and was the leader of his own band, “The Harmony Kings”, and then the “Ted Nowak band” for over 35 years.

    Bob started studying music at age 9, taking trumpet lessons from The late Stanley Wougick in Springfield, and then with the great Jose Soloio from Ludlow Ma. At age 11, Bob taught himself on drums, and then studied drums with the Late Joe Sefcik. Bob played his first polka gig in 1963 on drums with the late Stan Zielinski and his Silvertones from Ludlow MA. He also played drums with Frank Saczhawa and the Harmony Aces, also from Ludlow. In 1966, Bob started his own band called “The New Englanders”, playing trumpet and also vocalizing. The original band consisted of great musicians like The late Bill Czupta on accordion and vocals, Frank Socha, accordion, Leo Olbrych clarinet and sax, Tim Olbrych, bass, Ned Czohara, trumpet, and Roger Lichwala, Drums. Other musicians who performed for over 20 years with The New Englanders, were, The Late Carl Zieminski, clarinet and sax, Eddie Grzyb, bass, Paul Kszaszcz, drums, and Bob's Dad , the late Eddie Siwicki on accordion.

    Currently, Bob performs occasionally with the Maestros Men, and the Heritage “Pops.” Bob also performed with many other bands during his musical career, including, Larry Chesky, Walt Solek, Johnny Dyno, Ray Mitus, Dave Gawronski's Musical Magic, TheTed Nowak band, Patti and the Guys, Rod Henry, Walt Wagner, Eddie Forman, Chet Kurr's Class Act.


    • Maestro's Men - "Decade Two"
    • Chet Kurr's Class Act - "Class Act"
    • Musical Magic - "Do You Believe In Magic"
    • Musical Magic - "What a Lovely Way to be Together"
    • Musical Magic - "Magical Holiday"
    • Musical Magic - "Old New Borrowed and Blue"
    • Ed Lawrence & Carl Peters - "Music With a Champagne Taste"
    • Heritage Pops - "Roll Up The Rug"
    • Heritage Pops - "Heritage Pops Holiday"
    • Ted Nowak's Harmony Kings - "Polka Pops"
    • New Englanders - "Polkas"