Dennis Polisky & Maestro's Men
"Grammy Nominated, Polka Hall of Fame, Award Winning Band"

Grammy Nominated CD - "Strike Up The Band" 2003

Polka Hall Of Fame Inductee - Dennis Polisky 2007

Polka Hall Of Fame Inductee - Jackie Libera 2003

Best CD Award International Polka Association - "Don't Stop The Music" 

Best CD Award International Polka Association - "Decade"  

Favorite Instrumental Group Award IPA -2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002 

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Latest Release

Our latest release for 2016 features 15 selections. Polkas, Obereks and a waltz.  Vocals by Jackie Libera and Rich Bernier.  We celebrate our 20'th year in Polka music.  Thank you for all your support.  We hope you enjoy our latest release that we feel has something for everyone.  Thank you.

Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men

Till The End of The World Rolls Round - Polka
Reminiscing With Stella - Polka
There Goes My Heart Again - Polka
Grandpa - Polka
Hardwood - Polka
Too Used to Being With You - Oberek
Two Hearts - Polka
How's The World Treating You - Polka
Foray ala Ricardo - Polka
Dancing Johnny - Oberek
Polka Hall of Fame
Hey Sokoly -  Polka
Store Without a Door - Polka
Fool Hearted Memory - Polka
Polish Pride - Waltz

"This recording features 16 selections and features vocals by Polka Hall Of Famers Jackie Libera and Eddie Skinger. The title cut "Enjoy The Little Things" echoes a sentiment of enjoying all the little things in life that sometimes we take for granted. Sometimes the best things in life are free. This cd is dedicated to my mom Helen Polisky. I want to thank the guys for a great job: Jackie Libera, Ken Yash, Rich Bernier, Andy Galarneau, Jim Motyka and guest Eddie Skinger. By the way that cute little girl on the cover is my grandaughter Gabby. We hope you enjoy it."
Dennis Polisky


St Joe's - Polka
Drinking Vodka - Polka 
Belly Up - Oberek
Hot Polkas, Cold Beer & Warm Friends - Polka
Where's Joey - Poka
Loney Girl - Waltz
Love Bird - Polka
Black & Blue - Oberek
Live Laugh Love- Polka
Mother's Prayer Prelude
Polka From The Heart
Before I Met You - Polka
Enjoy The LittleThings - Polka
Traveling Mazurs - Oberek
Long Island Sound - Polka  





Hey Hey Polka Music Is Here To Stay
Blue Roses Polka
Jealous Lovers Polka
Nightengale Polka
Krakowianka Oberek
Don't Stop The Music Polka
Pooka's Hop Polka
Keep The Flag Flying Waltz
Request Polka
Rockin' At Rochester Polka
Green Woods Polka
Roselawn Oberek
Soldiers Return Polka
Each Season Changes You Polka
Polka For Ginny
The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight Polka
Touch & Go Polka


Old Country - Polka
Run Around - Polka
Life Of A Musician - Polka
Lightly And Politely - Polka
Anniversary - Oberek
Katie Went Swimming - Polka
Sax On The Beach - Polka
Goodnight My Love - Polka
Nimble Fingers - Polka
Somebody Loves Me Again - Polka
You And I - Polka
Happy Reunion - Oberek
Fire Fly - Polka
Only In America - Polka
Wedding Day - Oberek
Something Special - Polka
Crosstown - Polka
"Heavenly" Angel - Waltz


 Strike Up The Band - Polka 
Lucas - Polka  

 On The Radio - Polka
 At The Bar - Polka 
Town Line - Oberek 
Vic & Lou's - Polka 
West Warren - Polka 
Hop Sa Sa - Polka (guest: Eddie Skinger)
 Wild Dueces - Polka (guest: Johnny Karas) 
Maryann The Polka Angel
 Lindy - Polka 
Lucky Soldier - Oberek 
Automobile - Polka 
Polka Season - Polka
 Thoughts Of Love - Waltz


 From The Far Shore - Polka 
Clarinet - Polka  

 I Know I'm Losing You -Polka
 Easy Boy - Polka 
Three Ladies - Oberek
 Jolly Caballero - Polka 
When I Was Marching - Polka 
Eleanora - Polka 
At The Well - Oberek
 Rozalinka - Polka
 Richie's Medley - Polka 
Howie's - Oberek 
Chelsea Hop - Polka 
All Girl Orchestra - Waltz
 Hot Peppers - Polka
 Whistling At The Girls - Polka
 Looking Back - Polka
 Just For Fun - Polka



 Sing About The Good Times - Polka
 Strolling Sisters - Polka
 Stick-A-Lick - Polka
 Three Buddies - Polka
 Tup Tup - Polka
 Barnum Fest - Polka
 Red Hat - Polka
 Hooray For The N.Y. Yankees - Polka
 Tell Me Girl - Polka
 At The Far Side Of The Lake - Polka
 Mike And Ray's - Polka
 Take Your Memory With You - Polka
 Hannah Rose - Polka
 Kitten - Oberek
 What'cha Hiding - Polka
 Hard Times - Polka
 My Little Angel - Waltz
 Special Girl - Polka 


Don't Play that Song on the Jukebox Polka
 Waterfall Polka
 Johnny's Dream Polka
 Young Fellow Oberek
 Radiance Polka
 I'll return to You Polka
 Pulaski Skyway Polka
 Mother of Mine Waltz
 Maestro Ray Polka
 Hot Shot Polka
 Bul Bul Polka
 Setting Sun Oberek
 Lucky Hunter Polka
 Beast of the East Polka
 We think you’re Wonderful Waltz
 Good Day Today Polka
Polka at the Mardi Gras


 Around the Green Forest - Polka
 Good Morning - Polka
 On The Move - Polka
 Melon Johnny - Oberek
 Jenna Lynn - Polka
 Grasshopper - Polka
 Good-bye My Home - Waltz
 Little Mischief - Polka
 Millie's - Oberek
 White Table - Polka
 Bachelor - Polka
 Evelyn's - Oberek
 Heidi-Ho - Polka



 We Need a Little Christmas
 Thanks For Christmas
 The Merry Christmas Polka
 Santa Claus Mountain
 Happy Holidays
 Christmas In New England
 Going Home For Christmas
 Christmas Feeling Waltz
 I'll Be Home With Bells On
 Blue Christmas Polka
 The Snow Is Falling
 Tuning Up The Fiddles
 You And I
 Under The Mistletoe
 Lulajze Jezuniu
 I'll Be Home For Christmas 



St Nick's Song
Santa Claus Polka
Christmas Shopping Polka
Richie's Christmas Accordion
Seasons Greetings Polka
I Want A Sweetheart For Christmas Waltz
Here Comes Santa Polka
Old Fasion Sleigh Ride Polka
Ting-A-Ling A Jingle
 Merry Christmas Waltz
 I'll Be Home For Christmas Polka
 Merry Christmas Polka
 Caroling, Caroling
 Pezda Sanki do Kosciola
 Merry Christmas To You All Waltz
 Joyous Christmas Polka
Twinkle Tinkle Polka
Sliczna Panienka
 Some Gifts Waltz